Milwaukee Astronomical Society


Submissions to the Showcase

MAS members* are encouraged to submit images to be included here in the Showcase and for possible inclusion in the Focal Point newsletter and our Facebook page as well.  Email the image to: **

By doing so you're granting the MAS permission to display the image here on the site, the Focal Point newsletter, MAS Facebook page, and our Instagram.  The copyright for your submitted images remain with you.  Any requests for any other use of your image will be directed back to the submitter.  


Though you may submit any size image, in order to conserve our server space any images with a length or width which exceeds 1280 pixels will be downsized to the 1280 limit.  No other adjustments will be made to your image.

To accompany your image, a thumbnail image will be created with a height of 100 pixels and a width of no more than 130. Note at  this time this is not an automated process. As such, an image this small will often benefit from additional processing.  Some images will be brightened and many times cropped.  But, remember, if this is done this will not effect the final display image.  We wish to display your image as you intended.  If you wish to create your own thumbnail, submit it along with your large image and name it the same with the suffix _tm.  For example, if the original image is called myimage.jpg, the thumbnail should be named myimage_tm.jpg. 

Along with your image, you should give your name, date of the photo, and a brief description containing the telescope, imager, and other info including processing.  This description is limited to no more than 120 characters.  '

* Showcase submissions are strictly for MAS members only. 

** Some users experience difficulty with the mailto link and, unfortunately, it's not too uncommon.  There is nothing special about that link!  If it doesn't work for you, simply type the address (or copy and paste) into your email.