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MAS November Meeting
Friday 11/21/2014, 8:00 PM,
At the Observatory.
Interested in membership? Join us at the meeting.

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Public Viewing Nights

There are no more public nights in 2014. Check back in 2015 for next years schedule.

Sadly, the Partial Solar Eclipse on October 23rd was totally clouded out here in Milwaukee. We will not get another chance at a solar eclipse until August 21, 2017. But consider some planning for that one. The total eclipse path goes relatively nearby (as close as Missouri). Click here to see the path.

Mars is very low in the southwest after sunset.

Jupiter has returned! It`s in the East rising at 11:30PM.

Venus is now too close to the sun to be seen. It will return to the evening sky in January.

Uranus is in the early evening sky, but you`ll need binoculars or a telescope. Here are two images by members Tamas Kriska & Lee Keith:

See more sky updates:

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Helix - Eye of God Nebula, Dennis Roscoe

Think astronomical imaging is a simple process of just aiming the telescope, hitting the shutter on the camera, and presto: a picture? Here's a good example to show it just ain't so. This is an image of the Helix Nebula sometimes referred to as the Eye Of God Nebula, by MAS member Dennis Roscoe.  He used his TOA-130F, f/5.3 refractor, STF-8300M camera, and. 5nm NB Filters. This final image was formed by merging 16 30-minute exposures. Click here to see this and other MAS member images in our Showcase.   

Partial Solar Eclipse on Oct. 23th was obscured in the Milwaukee area because of clouds. Our next chance will happen on Aug. 21, 2017. That one will be a total eclipse if you're willing to drive a bit. The path of totality goes through southern Illinois and Missouri! It's not too early to start planning. Click here for details.
See previous articles from the MAS front page in the Article Archive.


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