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The MAS page is geared toward the information most of interest to the membership. But visitors are welcome here as well!

General Meeting Our next General Meeting will be on September 19th at the Observatory at 8PM. The Board meets at 7PM.

First Wednesday Meeting
September 7th, 7:30PM at the observatory. Topics: TBD

Imaging Interest Group
September 14th at 7:00PM via Zoom.

Open House Season We still have 3 open house nights left this year. We need help from as many members as we can get to help out. Experience not required!

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It's that time the year to renew your MAS Membership.
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90 Years!
Did you know that MAS was formed on September 21, 1932? That means we will celebrate our 90th birthday this year! That birth was during the Great Depression and the club gathered at the house of Luverne Armfield and observed from his tiny yard in West Allis. And against all odds our club would decide to build our observatory in 1936. Our club has a rich history which you can read about in our history section.

Internet At the Observatory
The MAS Board has decided that it is finally time that we get internet access at our observatory! This gives us a number of capabilities including the ability to broadcast our meetings so members can view it remotely, upload of imaging, and security cameras. We hope to have this running by September.

Ottawa Lake Permission
Our thanks to Jason Doyle who secured a letter of permission for members of our club to use the relatively dark area of Ottawa Lake State Recreation Area of the Southern Unit - Kettle Moraine State Forest after 11:00PM when otherwise you cannot. It is a good idea to print out the letter and have it with you. And keep in mind that you still need to purchase a day pass or an annual state park sticker.

Current Universal Time

MAS 90th Birthday Photo Collage

Our club is turning 90 years old this September! You can read about our MAS history here.

Calendars for 2022

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October  2022

Date Day Event Keyholder
Oct 1  Sat   Jim Bakic
Oct 5  Wed Event: 7:30PM - First Wednesday How To Meeting at the Observatory  
Oct 8  Sat   Mike Bauer
Oct 14  Fri Public Night: 6:30PM - 9:30PM  
Oct 15  Sat Event: Dark Site Star Party - Harrington Beach State Park Russ Blankenburg
Oct 22  Sat   Paul Borchardt
Oct 28  Fri Public Night: 6:00PM - 9:30PM  
Oct 29  Sat   Brian Ganiere