Milwaukee Astronomical Society


Historical Archive 1970-1979

The highlights of this period are the building of 12 portascopes, the start of the eclipsing binary program, the complete renovation of the A-Scope, and plans for a 26-inch telescope.

MAS grounds around 1975

Observatory Grounds in 1975. From a postcard produced by the club. View from the SW looking NE.

The portascopes

Portascopes, 1974. From left: Jim Toeller, Paul Murn, Virgil Tangney, Ken Krahn, Bill Collins, Bill Albrecht, and Ed Halbach.

11 of 12 Portascopes in 1974 with Bill Collins

11 of the 12 Portascopes in 1974 with Bill Collins.

A-Scope in 1978 after renovation

A-Scope in 1978 after the renovation and becoming the Edward A. Halbach Telescope.

11 of 12 MAS Portascopes in 1974

MAS Portascopes in 1974 when they were completed.

Grazing Occultation result

Grazing Occultation Results. From a very successful grazing occultation of Z-8200 on April 25-26, 1977.

Big Dipper over A-Dome

Big Dipper over A-Dome. Photo by John Asztalos. April 1979.

1977 - Ray Zit and his 14 inch reflector

Ray Zit with his 14.25" f/5 reflector on a trailer hitch fork mount. April, 1977.

Proposed astronomical observatory

A Proposed Astronomical Observatory. 1977 appeal for support for moving the observatory with a new 26 inch telescope.

Luverne Armfield - Professional portrait

Luverne Armfield. Professional business portrait. Around 1970.

MAS Eclipsing Binary Team. Gerry Samolyk (left) and Gary Wedemayer (right).

MAS Eclipsing Binary Team. Gerry Samolyk (left) and Gary Wedemayer (right).

MAS Observatory around 1970

MAS Observatory about 1970. This is a very large photo that hung in the Quonset for many years.