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M101  by Gabe ShaugnnessyM101 - Pinwheel Galaxy 
Scope: 8" 800mm Vixen Newtonian, Integration: L: 6x120s 1x1 binning, RGB: 6x120s 2x2 binning each, Total 48 minutes, all subs dithered using SGP/PHD 2.6 with an SX Lodestar as the guidecam and an Orion 50mm scope. Aug 2016
Photo: Gabe Shaughnessy

M31  by Gabe ShaugnnessyM31, M32, & M110 - Andromeda Galaxy 
Mosaic. Scope: TMB92SS, Camera: QSI683-wsg8, Guide Camera: Starlight Xpress Ultrastar, Mount: Mach1 GTO, L: 33x5min, RGB: 56x5min total, 7.4 hrs total exposure. Aug 2016
Photo: Gabe Shaughnessy

M51 - Whirlpool Nebula  by Chad AndristM51 - Whirlpool Nebula 
Scope: Vixen R200ss, Guiding: SX Lodestar on Orion 50mm mini scope, Mount: Celestron CGE, Camera: QSI660WSG-8, Filters: Astrodon Series 2 LRGB, Acquisition: Sequence Generator Pro, Pre/post process in Pixinsight. Data: L: 11x120s 1x1, R: 9x120s 2x2, G: 6x120s 2x2, B: 6x120s 2x2. Aug 2016
Photo: Chad Andrist

M51  by Paul BorchardtM51 - Whirlpool Galaxy
B-Scope. Canon T3i at ISO 1600. Total exposure: 45 minutes. 60 exposures at 45 seconds each. Stacking done in Nebulosity and processing done in both Nebulosity and Photoshop. July 2016
Photo: Paul Borchardt

NGC 4565 by Gabe ShaughnessyNGC 4565
Scope: Celestron Edge HD926 SCT, QSI683-wsg8, L:8x5min, RGB:12x5 min, 2X2 binning.
June 2016
Photo: Gabe Shaughnessy

NGC 4565 and Asteroid 452 OlympiaNGC 4565 & 452 Olympia
Time lapse video o NGC 4565 with asteroid 452 Olympia in the field. Also, a couple of jets.
June 2016
Video: Gabe Shaughnessy

M63 by Gabe ShaughnessyM63 - Sunflower Galaxy
Celestron Edge HD925, QSI683-wsg8, L: 17x5min, R: 9x5min, G: 10x5min, B: 8x5min. 3.7 hrs exp.
July 2016
Photo: Gabe Shaughnessy

M81 M82 Chad AndristM81 & M82
80mm refractor at 480mm FL. Exp: 14x60s RGB, 14x120s L, Ha
May 2016
Photo: Chad Andrist

M106 field by Chad AndristM106 Field
SV80ST f/4.8 w/ reducer, Cam: QSI660WSG-8, Total: 75 min, L:5x5min, RGB:5X2min ea, Ha:4X5min.
Apr 2016
Photo: Chad Andrist

M82 - Images by Tom Schmidtzkunz, processing by Chad AndristM81
Remote NM. Planewave CDK 431mm f/4.5, Cam: FLI-PL6303E, L:9x300s, RGB:3x300s.
Apr 2016
Image: Tom Schmidtkunz. Processing: Chad Andrist

M81 / M82 by Gabe ShaughnessyM81 & M82
Scope: TMB92SS at f/4.4, Camera: QSI683-wsg8, L:12x5min, RGB:8x5min each.
Mar 2016
Photo: Gabe Shaughnessy

NGC 3718 - Tom SchmidtkunzNGC 3718
Remote from NM.
Camera:  FLI-PL6303E
Mar 2016
Photo by: Tom Schmidtkunz

M101 and NGC5474  - Paul BorchardtM101 & NGC 5474
F-Scope, HyperStar at f/1.9 Canon T5 DSLR. 30 min. exposure, 12X150 sec.
Mar 2016
Photo by: Paul Borchardt

M81 & M82  - Paul BorchardtM81 & M82
F-Scope, HyperStar at f/1.9 Canon T5 DSLR. 52.5 min. exp, 21X150 sec.
Mar 2016
Photo by: Paul Borchardt

Markarians Chain - Scott JamiesonMarkarian's Chain- M84/M86
7.5 in f/5.3 Mak / Newtonian, ST8300M camera. 48 min total exp. 6X480 sec. frames.
Feb 2016
Photo by: Scott Jamieson

NGC9646NGC 9646
G-Scope, STM-8300 Camera, 
LRGB: 2x30min each 1x1
Jan 2016
Photo: Jeff Kraehnke

NGC253 by Frank KenneyNGC 253
Remotely imaged, Planewave CDK700m, Finger Lakes PL09000 CCD.
Dec 2015
Photo by: Frank Kenney

NGC 253NGC 253
Remote from NM. Planewave 431mm, FLI imager, 9L, 3R, 3B, 3G, 300 sec each.
Nov 2015
Photo by: Tom Schmidtkunz

F-Scope, Hyperstar at f/1.9
Canon T5 DSLR.
Oct 2015
Processed by: Steve Volp

TOA-130F, f/5.3, STF-8300M. LRGB. Total exp: 4.0 hrs (6X10 min for each band.)
Oct. 2015.
Photo: Dennis Roscoe

NGC 7331, G-Scope Test, Scott JamiesonNGC 7331
Test RGB image, G-Scope
3 60 second exposures
Oct. 2014
Photo by Scott Jamieson

M100 RGBM100
Z-Scope, RBG image.
Combined in Nebulosity.
June 2014
Photo by: Scott Jamieson

NGC 891NGC 891
Remotely imaged from New Mexico Skies, TAK TOA-150 with ST-8300C camera. 18x 5 min exposures.
Mar 2014.
Photo by: Tom Schmidtkunz

Supernova in M82Supernova in M82
B-Scope, prime focus, Canon 40D DSLR camera. 15 1 minute exposures.
Jan 2014
Photo by: Michael Smiley

Supernova in M82Supernova in M82
B-Scope, prime focus, Canon 60D DSLR camera. 40 1 minute exp at ISO1600.
Jan 2014
Photo by: Tamas Kriska